Find or connect with, Professionals, Founders, Co-founders, Investors, and Talent.

iCoFound is a professional networking platform where you can connect with like-minded professionals with complementary skills and the same work values.

On iCoFound you can meet with other professionals with exceptional skills and share their ideas to find an Investor, co-founder, or Team to collaborate with and implement business ideas. Furthermore, angel investors or venture capitalists can find opportunities to invest in startup ideas with higher return potential.

Our truly global community of founders, professionals, investors, and experts moves you forward faster—whether it’s helping you understand the market or collaborating to grow together.

Discover entrepreneurs, founders, professionals, investors, and other countless talented and inspiring individuals around you and throughout the world.

Networking And Community Building

iCoFound not only makes it possible for you to connect with professionals but also ensures that you make social connections despite geographical barriers. Connect and communicate with other professionals with these easy steps:

  • Discover – Find professionals, founders, co-founders, investors, and team members.
  • Connect – with professionals and individuals you want
  • Grow – your social and professional network and increase your chances of better opportunities

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Features of iCoFound

  • Profile – New users can create personalized business profiles with their skill sets on iCoFound to join a business network. 
  • News feed – The users can share their business stories, achievements, innovative or startup ideas, or relevant startup business information with other entrepreneurs, business professionals, and investors.  Our moderators review each user post before it is visible to other users to ensure relevance to business topics.
  • Professional social network – iCoFound will offer users a professional networking platform, including founders, idea creators, job seekers, students, investors, advisors, entrepreneurs, and mentors. In addition, the app will provide a networking platform for professional development by finding the right expert who can collaborate with you to implement your business ideas.  
  • Robust search algorithm – iCoFound uses an effective search algorithm that enables users to find a cofounder with similar business interests and values and boost your startup’s growth and success. Overall, iCoFound will be focused on empowering professional connections from co-founders, investors, mentors, entrepreneurs, skill sets, and locations for their users.  
  • In-app messaging – iCoFound is developed with real-time chat functionality that can take your business or startup ideas to the next level by facilitating video and voice messaging along with regular text messages.

Why use iCoFound?

  • Get noticed by socializing and working online – Setting up the business profile on iCoFound will make you visible to passionate business professionals and investors. 
  • Find fascinating business ideas – iCoFound allows venture capitalists and angel investors to search and support startup networks that give better returns in the future.   
  • Brainstorming startup ideas – Business networking will enable users to explore new avenues, startup ideas, and opportunities.  
  • Investment opportunities – Lead angel investors or venture capitalists can explore new investment opportunities on iCoFound.
  • Increase funding – iCoFound is a professional networking community that includes high-profile venture capitalists, investors, and lead angel investors. 

iCoFound is the perfect professional networking app to connect and build connections worldwide. Whether you’re seeking funding or talent, each swipe is a new opportunity and discovery.

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